Rules and Regulations

(This is a gist of the rules. Complete rules will be as per the constitution of Brights)

1. Who Can become members: All members have to accept the following statements in order to join Brights, and pay the membership fee.

We refute the existence of any supernatural power, individual or object, affecting our world, as that existence is neither rational nor unequivocal.The like-minded may identify themselves as rationalists, naturalists, sceptics, materialists, humanists, agnostics or free-thinkers, as well as atheists, non-theists or irreligious individuals. We reject any and every religion / dhamma / deen / way of living that, regulates material life through metaphysical principles. Rational decisions are superior; however, we are keen to continually scrutinize the validity of our decisions. We are not proud of our irrational opinions and thoughts.Through this manifesto, we declare solidarity with all atheists so as to connect with like-minded thinkers; and to safeguard our constitutional right to personal liberty and freedom of speech, from anti-rational, metaphysical and other capricious principles.

2. Voting Members: In order to become voting member, a) member has to make a request and b)the executive committee unanimously approves or c) all voting members approve the same with simple majority.

3. Founder Members: The members who have helped in founding the Brights Society. All founder members are automatically voting members.

4. Elections: Elections will be held every two years.